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Essvan Drupal Maintenance services have been available by invitation only. 

When there's availability on our client roster, Essvan provides security updates according to Drupal Security advisories posted at, as well as routine Drupal codebase maintenance; including service of client systems through select hosting providers. We alternatively offer Drupal Hosting services, inclusive of our Maintenance services, and more. 

Contact Maintenance Support


Maintenance Pricing

Standard Single Site Application 

$250 per month:

  • Weekly security updates for one production website, according to Drupal Security advisories posted at
  • Routine Drupal codebase maintenance. 
  • Services unrelated to Drupal Security advisories and routine codebase maintenance are billed separately at our standard hourly rate. 
  • Further restrictions apply to the Standard Single Site Application rate. Contact Essvan for further detail. 



Multisite Application

Maintaining multiple websites on similar codebases may introduce cost saving opportunities. Contact us for information around multisite maintenance services and pricing. 



Enterprise Application 

Contact us for Enterprise pricing and services.